Salter Mandolin Green

  • This robust piece of kitchenware has four interchangeable blades to cover all manner of cutting jobs. You can grate cheese, slice fruit or Julienne vegetables with a section for catching and storing your chopped food.

    It operates by securing the food you wish to cut onto metal spikes within the pusher. You then make sure that the pusher is securely sat within the slider frame ready to slide up and down the mandoline as it cuts. The pusher is designed to ensure that your fingers are protected from the blades. Simply lift out the pusher if you need to swap food or to clean it.

    To Julienne simply slide both the julienne blade and slicing blade into the mandoline. Carefully secure food with the food guard to protect fingers and slide back and forth to julienne food.

    To use the slicer keep the slicing blade fixed into the mandoline, remove the julienne blade and turn it upside-down to the flat surface and slide in and fix in place. Secure food with food guard and carefully slide back and forth to slice food.

    To use the grater always keep the flat side of the julienne blade up then slide in desired grater blade. Secure food with food guard and carefully slide back and forth to grate food.

    Main Colours: White and Green 

    • Ideal for many types of fruit and vegetables

    • Number of blades x 4

    • Dishwasher safe

    • Perfect for everyday cooking

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