Beldray 7 Piece Turquoise Duster and Mop Cleaning Set

  • Clean your whole house efficiently with this seven piece duster and mop cleaning set containing a chenille duster, window cleaner and microfibre flat mop all with a refill, and a telescopic handle. The handle is long enough to reach high up or into small corners with the dusters, and makes light work of mopping. In turquoise, the set is durable and simple to put together, so you can easily switch between tools for a thorough clean which will make your house sparkle.

    Main Colours: Turquoise 


    • This set contains a chenille duster, window cleaner, microfibre flat mop and telescopic handle for cleaning hard to reach places.

    • The chenille duster, window cleaner and microfibre flat mop also come with a refill each, so you can get many uses out of them.

    • Suitable for windows, tiles and glass, the window cleaner is non-abrasive and will eradicate dirt or grease without leaving scratches.

    • The soft chenille duster can reach into small places and attracts dust and dirt like a magnet without the need for household chemicals.

    • The microfibre mop picks up and locks in dirt, containing it rather than pushing it around the floor, guaranteeing an effective clean.

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