February 08, 2016


Retro Kitchen bins - the latest must-have for any stylish kitchen

Retro Kitchen Bins, Affordable yet stylish...


Hardly considered the sexiest accessory in the kitchen, the kitchen bin is generally more of a functional item than one renowned for its aesthetic appeal. But who says a bin can't take centre stage in the kitchen by how it looks? At The Cook's Store, times are changing for the kitchen bin.

Shedding its purely functional image, the new range of retro kitchen bin designs are fast proving that a bin can be one of the most stylish accessories in the home. Available in a variety of bright and funky colours and designs, the new range of retro kitchen bins will add endless fashionable appeal to any kitchen.


No matter what your existing style of kitchen décor, the retro bins will blend in harmoniously, bringing contemporary charm to the hub of the home. It's not just great looks where this new retro kitchen bin range scores top marks, however. They are incredibly practical, durable and hygienic, too, so will easily earn their place in your kitchen, for a long time to come.Made using great quality, sturdy stainless steel, the bins offer a roomy 30-litre capacity, providing plenty of storage space for your rubbish. An easy-to-use foot pedal ensures fuss-free opening and closing of the bin, whilst a strong lid makes certain to offer the highest levels of hygiene protection.


At 64cm high, and with a slim diameter of 29cm, this tall bin will easily slot into any space, no matter how big or small your kitchen. Retro styling is becoming a much sought-after design scheme for the home, but some accessories from well-known retro stylists and designers can be costly. With this new range of retro kitchen bins, however, you can get your hands on unique and eye-catching retro designs, without the designer price tag.


Incredibly affordable yet without compromising on great quality features, the retro bins from The Cook's Store are a win-win option for anyone wanting an outstanding, durable bin that brings throwback glamour and fashionable appeal to the kitchen.


If you like to keep ahead of trends, the retro kitchen bins are new to the UK market, so if you buy now, your bin will be ready for delivery at the end of February. Taking pride of place in your kitchen, the retro bin will soon become the envy of all your friends, who will be amazed at the great affordability of this stylish kitchen accessory.


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