June 11, 2015


The Cook's Store

A serious passion for food and luxury kitchenware

While cooking is a simple necessity for some, it's far more than that for others - us at The Cook's Store included. For us, cooking's about enjoyment, about satisfaction, about treating those we're close to, and is a passion rather than simply a basic requirement to stay alive. We love working with great seasonal fruit and vegetables and beautiful kitchen accessories to make cooking even more special.

All of us at The Cook's Store will be using this blog to share a whole host of easy recipes as well as information on seasonal fruits and vegetables, which will hopefully inspire you to cook up your own masterpieces!

For us, our passion for food and cooking is on a par with our passion for design, which is why The Cook's Store exists. Cooking is even more enjoyable with luxury kitchenware; lovingly homemade cakes look fantastic on vintage-inspired cake stands, for example, and 'Look Great Doing It' kitchen linens such as our retro Betty Kitchen Apron too.

Every single piece of vintage kitchenware at The Cook's Store is completely handpicked, and reflects our passion for kitchenware - sometimes quirky, sometimes timeless - that has one thing in common; it's all of incredibly high quality.
We're not just about providing you with kitchen products for your own kitchen or to give as a gift, though - we want The Cook's Store to be a place where our passion for food is clear. Alongside our ever-changing kitchenware range, we'll also be providing you with great seasonal recipes that are simple yet effective, along with plenty of information about seasonal ingredients, making it easier for you to plan your meals according to what's currently great here in the UK. You can subscribe to The Cook's Store newsletter to stay up-to-date with what we're up to, and we're also keen to hear your stories too; if you have a recipe that you'd love to share, stories of your culinary successes (or failures!), or have pictures of your culinary creations using The Cook's Store products, we'd love to see them. Simply contact us at The Cook's Store by clicking this link. 
Our blog will be updated regularly, and we hope that our passion for design, cooking, kitchenware and great ingredients will help to inspire you too!

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