August 25, 2016


3 tasty ways to make the most of August

Autumn may be on the horizon, but there's still plenty of scope to get the most from the beautiful final days of August. Gather up friends and family and combine fantastic food with al fresco pursuits and quality time together. These tips should provide some inspiration:

Go blackberry picking

Remember purple stained fingers from your own childhood and the taste of freshly picked berries, served with thick cream? Make sure your own children get to experience the same. Head out for a walk with some suitable collection tubs and find hedgerows filled with these delicious British gems - all for free. Just stay away from busy polluted roads and low level berries, which may have been visited by passing dogs! Why not transform the resulting berries into delicious crumbles or pies? You could freeze any extras for later in the season, when you want to recall the taste of those lazy summer days...

Enjoy a barbecue

The weather may have been variable this year, but if you can have your barbecue equipment on standby, then there is still plenty of time to enjoy some al fresco dining. Stock up on barbecue accessories and some pretty outdoor dining essentials and invite friends and family round for a great time together. You'll find fantastic seasonal recipes that make the most of August ingredients, so serve flavoursome raw salads with fresh homemade dressings, wrap up potatoes in foil and serve with grated cheese, barbecue marinaded chicken drumsticks along with high quality homemade burgers and Halloumi slices, and enjoy plenty of chips and dips. Don't forget to make a delicious home made punch, with a version for the adults and kids!

Enjoy a late summer picnic

Whether you go all-out on the picnic accessories front with a wicker basket, crockery, champagne sabres and strawberries, or simply pack some great sandwiches, cakes and fruit into rucksacks, this time of year is wonderful for an impromptu picnic. Round up the kids and head to a local attraction to explore your area as tourists. Whether you have a local nature reserve, coastal stretch or even just a good city park, you'll find there are discoveries to be made, adventures to be had, local activities to participate in and great opportunities to take a break for some food on the go. Don't forget that, with little ones, you can also picnic in your back garden with their teddy bears! Memories are truly made of experiences such as this - and if you can find an ice-cream van or tea shop for extra refreshments on the go, then all the better!

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