May 13, 2015


Easy Peasy Homemade Pizza


Budding Chef Nadine Bennani

"This is the sort of cooking even I can do because seriously, cooking eggs is usually my limit. However, I learnt this extremely easy recipe from my father who I might add is an amazing cook. Despite their protests, I do love to cook for my friends, showing off my limited culinary skills. This recipe has given me the confidence to do to so. I will be shooting a video of me making this dish just to show you how easy it really is."



The 'As Healthy As You Want It' Pizza.

Great for Friday nights when you can't be bothered to ring the Indian or Chinese. You can pretty much add any suitable vegetables you have in your fridge to this pizza.

Note: I always have a glass of Prosecco whilst cooking although for those who find cooking challenging, this might not be advisable! Ingredients

1 Packet of Flatbreads. I use Classic PIADA flatbreads. If you are health conscious opt for the wholegrain variety, also they have a long shelf life so very handy to keep in the cupboard. 

1 bottle of Rustic Passata  

8 or 10 mini tomatoes 

2 packets of parma ham 

1 packet of sliced Chorizo 

1 jar of hot guindilla peppers (optional but I love a bit of spice)

2 Packets of Mozzarella 

1 Red Pepper

1 Green Pepper 

A handful of fresh basil leaves

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

Parmesan to serve 


pre heat oven to 200c (fan) 220 (conventional) Gas mark 7

Get out those flatbreads, 2 (for 1-2 people) or 4 (for 3-4 people) you get the drift. 

Spread around a tablespoon of passata on the flatbreads using the back of a spoon.

Place the parma ham and chorizo on the flatbreads.

Slice the tomatoes in half and scatter liberally on the flat breads

Take a sip of prosecco (optional of course).

Slice the red and green peppers thinly and add to the homemade, soon to be delicious pizza. 

Take out a couple or more of the hot peppers and slice finely. Sprinkle over the pizzas.

Tear a few basil leaves, sprinkle on the top.

Tear the Mozzarella roughly and place on top of the pizza. 

Then add salt and pepper to taste. 

Place in the oven and cross your fingers for 7 minutes and watch them like a hawk.

Take out when ready, sprinkle with a bit of olive oil, but not too much as you don't want a soggy pizza. Then place a few more basil leaves on top. It looks the part once you've done that.  

Time to eat and lap up the compliment, all done in less time than an episode of Corrie. 

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